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Who is she?

She is a friend, a sister, a wife, a lover, a giver, a receiver, and soon to be mother.

I have this journey I feel like needs to be shared, in search of my role and place as a woman. I’ve only just begun to appreciate that being a woman, provides me with a unique perspective on how things occur around me and the cause and effect it has with me as a woman. I think, it could be shared by other women. Especially those of us who are also trying to enlighten ourselves through various practices, be it awareness, yoga, binge drinking and other wise.

I’ve been through some hilarious, some deeply sad things as a girl and now a woman, which i think warrants a space to exist. I don’t really know how affecting it is, to people around me, but i love the female bonds i have, and i think connecting with other women who think like me, or maybe are on their way to thinking like me or better yet on the next part of their journey might allow me to be further ‘eyes wide open’.

Let’s do this?