Prayer for you

Prayer for you

I want you to know , I love you.
You don't know me, but this is my prayer for you.

I want to pray that when you were little nobody took you to a secluded place and touched you.
I pray nobody encroached your little body and impregnated sin into your soul.

I pray you were never told by your life giver she wished you dead.
I pray your innocent heart was not stamped on and spit at.

I pray you never went to a place of hate.
I pray nobody blamed you for deeds you never did.

I pray you never tried to end it all so many times, swallowing pills that latter poisoned your small body
I pray you always had friends.

I pray nobody told you you were ugly so many times,that you believed it and still do.

I pray you got good grades , and no teachers hated you.
I pray you were never jealous of others.

I pray you never gave your heart so easily.

I pray you were never cheated on.
I pray you never cheated.

I pray you were not ashamed your body.
I pray you never despised yourself.

I pray you never gave up on god.
I pray you never waited for Elysium.

What i pray the most for ,
is you never have to write a prayer for me.

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

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Defined by You.

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