On appreciating pornography. A dying art.

On appreciating pornography. A dying art.

As a woman, you d expect me to scream a sharp noise of distaste when the p topic comes up. But I actually appreciate and can see the appeal of the industry as a whole. It actually saddens me, to think if the slow but eventual demise of an industry built on the essence of taboo, and forbidden ventures of entertainment.

I like the shapes and forms in which an act so basic and yet so talked about is delivered to us. Delivered today, is silicon and enhancement drugs, nonetheless, delivered, it is.

Porn does not judge you, it warps your sensibilities of what’s attractive and what’s not, but it does not judge you. You are a nerd, no problem; you are morbidly obese, and cannot reach your nether regions, no problem. You are graying old and hanging from places you aren’t supposed to, no problem. Porn does not judge you.

Recognized as a valid here to stay form of entertainment, you have expos and award ceremonies, does not get more legit than that. The irony is, the more legit it gets, the less appealing it is.

Though I still cringe when any affection is displayed on the telly or otherwise, in the vicinity of my parents, when otherwise, I couldn’t care less. No, wait I take that back. Its subjective.. I don’t remember being bothered in Europe and Bombay, but highly offended in Mangalore and Park Inn the weekend that just went by.

I should have studied the history of pornography and made this more interesting, but I found an excellent site that gives you a look see into the dynamics of erotica on reel.( .. I can’t remember the first time I happened to stumble upon porn, but a ‘hot and heavy’ scene was basic instinct.

My experience with pornography as such has always been quite amusing, I remember a particular Christmas, watching hours and hours of short reels of porn when I was in middle school with a friend. As we nursed a bottle of wine or two, and a humongous bar of toblerone, one of those giant ones. I remember laughing and seeing the patterns for the first time. The strange man / woman meet in public place and do the naughty in the said public place.

The next memorable experience was in high school with a close friend and her unlocked older brothers room, we ‘stumbled’ upon a cd ‘accidentally’ , we put it into the computer and lo and behold beautiful gorgeous black men and women fornicating, who would have thought!..It turned out to be snoop dogs birthday porn shindig or something along those lines. Again, we sat in stunned silence, as though in shock and awe and the rest of the time we were in hysterics.

For the most part porn has been amusing and helpful in more ways than one. The bold brassy women know a thing or two.

Experiences with porn are very rarely personal. Either it’s a group of curious beedy eyed kids, a young boy trying to warm his girlfriend to the idea or sadly a masturbating boy and a parent walking in. we’ve all heard the stories and hopefully have not featured in too many.

Up until now, all of it has been funny, disgusting, or sad. Sad, when I know there are genres in porn involving people less than legal. Disgusting is a genre I can’t even bare to think about without feeling nauseous, excrement has a place in this world, and it most definitely is not something to share. Funny has to equal bestiality... I am an absolute animal lover.. But I am pretty sure the loving stops when inter species erotica comes into the picture.

There have been two movies that hit the spot for me, pun intended; the movies ‘Lie with me’ and ‘Behind the Green Door’ (only the first 37 minutes of it.) have to be it.

The two movies don’t fit in a particular genre; BTGD is a pioneer in its field. A movie that combined two of my favorite things first being a gorgeous chiseled black man and second ,music to match. LWM on the other hand, had passion that was real and palpable. I highly recommend the two.

It’s quite pathetic to think pornography for women is not easily accessible. And true to being a woman, I need a story; I need a form to the whole deed. I am beyond flowers and tears but something deeper and stronger I welcome.

I encourage you to live and learn vicariously, men sure need a lesson or two. You don’t have to be built like a stallion, what you don’t make up in the pointy places , you could in technique( for some women at least.) women can pick a few notes , the passion ,generosity with flattering oohing-ahhing, and confidence, to name a few.

I also encourage you to demand for better quality, I can’t believe I have to go back in time to find the good stuff. For all the 1000’s of GBs of collection ,boys wear on the shirts like a badge, (stain on their pants would be more appropriate?) I don’t think a lot of it is very memorable.

Let me know what you think of the suggested movies, if you ever come by them.

Photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash

One billion bloody Indians on youtube.

One billion bloody Indians on youtube.