One billion bloody Indians on youtube.

One billion bloody Indians on youtube.

Get off the kitty dancing and baby laughing videos and get watching the plethora of cwazy talent on youtube.. you ll realize something .. no bloody Indians.. and no .. I m not talking about the rare random ABCD

Indian on the tube.

I don’t even think I’ve seen those in a while.

We are literally a population of 2 billion and counting and there are four or five people that are internationally known. How does something like that happen!

My solution to getting the truth and word out and in the open, is get on YouTube. Now I don’t work for YouTube, I wish I did. But I don’t. but take the time to browse the kinds of videos

on there. You ll see for yourself, they are normal people , not anorexic , not airbrushed and not high on coke.

People with families , people of all race , shape and kind. The genres of kind of videos are amazing, there is some real talent there.. from comedy sketches o make up gurus to a sex expert. You have interactive videos you choose the endings to and up and coming musicians.

The power of the tube? You may ask, well .. Justin Beiber was not to long ago just a sweet little boy uploading videos from his house. He got discover on YouTube and today he is someone all of us love to hate, hes making his million and then some more.

Make up artists who started out creating videos have gone on to make their own skin care lines. People have found the holy trinity on the YouTube, money , fame and love.

Its about starting somewhere and sticking to it.

The point to this ramble, is getting you to make videos. It can be about ANY fucking THING. No nudity and you are set.

If you are funny, sit your ass down in front of your webcam and be funny. Do a routine, bitch about what you don’t like.

If you are an artist, record your next master piece.

If you can dance and/or are uncoordinated but have got the mojo, make a fool of yourself as well.

If you can sing, have a band , are even remotely musically inclined record that shit. If you just love music , talk about it, suggest music people should listen to. Bitch about the trash that being spewed out ever day from bollywood, kollywood and sandalwood for all I care.

If you love animals, visit your local shelter , do an expose on treatment of animals. Get your broke ass digital cam and start rolling.

Become what a citizen journalist. I for one , do not watch the bullcrap on the telly. And would much prefer watching the news online , unbiased truth without any hidden allegiance or agenda. Citizen journalism is untapped and in India.. oooo we know you have material. You can upload the next crazy woman bashing before the tv stations get there the next week.

Interview people online. No script just reality.

I don’t have to list out each talent and how it translates onto video. Get a cam out and vlog for all I care, if you can find a niche for yourself good enough , if not.. keep on vlogging.

My only advice, be consistent, be patient, be honest. And don’t get affected by the hate comments, esp from another Indian. If there’s one thing I know we love to do, if pull another person down. Keep ploughing through , use face book to market your videos.

Stay true to yourself and always remember persistence is the only thing you have control of, you cannot control others reaction and opinions, all you can do , if create and put it out there. Persistence pays.

One billion of us online, will get us noticed. Seek out other you tubers. Build the Indian YouTube community. Make such an impact that some person see this as an opportunity to make money from and creates an awards ceremony for the real Indian. None of the blue eyed , blonde haired representing us all. The stubby , brown skinned angry frustrated indian is what I d like to see.

I tag you all .. and I mean each and everyone to create a channel and upload videos. You have a viewer and voyeur in me. Good luck.

Photo by Rachit Tank on Unsplash



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