stolen kisses

stolen kisses

He was just a boy and I just a girl

He was confused and I misunderstood.

I d given my heart many times before,

But no one was a prince on a white horse but him.

I his princess and he my king.

He was a boy and I a girl,

We were forced to kiss one warm evening,

In a game little boys and girls with red faces played.

We kissed and thunder and violins, were heard.

he came to me an hour later, with tears in his eyes.

He told me he loved me, in the dark when no one could see.

How did I not see.

How did I not see , this boy before.

He stood tall and fair ,

And I short and dark.

an unlikely pair.

He was a boy and I just a girl,

We stood on a cliff and the valley below,

Where games were played in evening’s cloak.

We stood with the wind in our hair and tears in our eyes,

Looking and seeing for the first time.

My prince before me, and I his queen.

He leaned to a soft and cold kiss.

He was a boy and I just a girl.

Nobody could tell us there were dragons and dungeons in the forest before us.

As the valley caught fire

We kissed in the white tower.

And in his palace while his kin stood guard,

The darkness was sweet with warmth and cold kisses.

And I called him my dreamy knight on white steed.

He stood fair and tall and

I short and dark.

An unlikely pair the two of us,

Fell in love.

Until one day he had to return home.

And he never came back and I never saw him.

Until years later ,I heard he was gone.

I thought of warm sunny afternoons and cold kisses in an ivory tower

My king , my prince , my knight was gone.

He was but twenty ,

His cold soft kisses with him were gone.

He was just a boy and I just a girl.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

In the sanctity of a broken mind.

In the sanctity of a broken mind.

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To crib