To crib

To crib

  1. Waiting-Impatience runs heavy with me. I have never understood the concept of taking things slow, or patience being a virtue. I do not like to wait. If I need it. I need it now. It can be my visa to study in the UK to waiting to be picked up or waiting to be asked out. Nope. I get angry, irritable and depressed in that order.

  2. Liars- if I know you are lying; you will hear from me that I know you are lying. But lies of any kind annoy the Shiva out of me. Lying has many shades to it. Deceitful behavior- playing games with people mentally or emotionally. Pretending to be someone you are not. Trying to cheat, or cheating .none of this has to be toward me, if you are doing it. I don’t like you. Period.

  3. Hot rooms- I detest sweating and rooms that are hot. I do not like people in hot rooms. I have an ill opinion of people who like hot rooms and work in hot rooms. Give me a morgue to work in, I ll do it.

  4. Wearing pants / shorts/lower body clothing in bed- I hate staying over at peoples places for one reason, I have to wear the whole pajama set. It irks me to be restricted on cold sheets in a cold room and under a humongous comfy quilt. This also leads me to prefer sleeping alone.

  5. Small beds- size matters.

  6. People who cannot make up their fucking minds- people who cannot make up their fucking minds.

  7. The American accent- give me a rolling malyali accent and throw in some of the north Indian obnoxiousness.. I’ll still find it quirky and funny. The American accent just seems unbearable. This is only in person. I like watching American television though.

  8. Indians who put on a foreign accent- I say foreign because most often than not, an Indian is talking in a Russian American welsh hybrid with Slavic and Arabic influences even though they think they are pulling off a British or American accent.

  9. People who have money problems and think it’s the worlds right to know about it- I like people who suffer in silence, I hate assholes who try to make it my business to know that they do not have money. I don’t mind being asked money but going to a store and looking at things with sad puppy dog eyes and the tongue clucking and the..” sigh… maybe when I get some money”. If you want it, buy it. If you don’t have the money, its not the end of the fucking world, sit your ass at home or do something (anything) that does not cost any money. Eg- go to the beach, spend time with your family , make ice cream at home whatever it is stop saying you don’t have any money.

  10. Anything to do with hurting animals- this is too depressing to get into and too wide a topic.

Note- this is followed by deep deep dreamless ( I hate dreaming) sleep in a cold cold room under a oversized quilt in a king sized bed with no shorts on and no one to share any of the above with.. sigh the good life. The good fucking life.

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

stolen kisses

stolen kisses