Maybe do it a little different this time.

Maybe do it a little different this time.

Since everyone is going to spazz the fuck out tomorrow and many are going to cry , be miserable and generally be very ‘unloving’ to themselves because of high expectations and low standards ( when you were picking your partner) ..

Being on this side of 25 .. There is something about valentine’s day I realized. No matter how many times you convince yourself that Valentines day is a load of crock - through funny memes and bitchy articles on ‘5 fabulous reasons you are single and working ittttttttt’…. You are still going to be surrounded by an unnecessary amount of red and this weird shape that to me just looks like an inverted butt.. that’s worth celebrating too though.. yeah yeah !!

So while the world gushes.. How about you do something a little different?

Treat yourself! And make it about being positive and spreading love so you don’t look like a kill joy and unhappy fox (or badger  or whatever the fuck) that dint get the grapes.

1. ‘Date’ your single friend- if you have that close friend you’ve always loved from the bottom of your heart and not your shorts, take him/her/it out .. For a fun activity. Go paint mugs, get shawarmas or gourmet burgers, paintballing, watching a movie that had subtitles and then laugh very loudly ( or enjoy it deeply) .

2. Call your folks and tell them you love them.

3. Donate an x amount of money toward something meaningful.

4. Stop over thinking or over spending money for that special outfit

5. DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING. However hard that may seem .. TRY IT!

6. Try out a different approach to something old.

7. Go get your hair , vagina , feet did. Be touched and be happy.

8. Tell your girls you love them. Go grab a few beers with your mates.

9. Buy something local and from your community and give it to your boss.

10. Change the one bad habit you've wanted to change.

I get it’s not the New Year… but if you must celebrate love. Then lets fucking celebrate it. Get out of your head, get out of yourself absorbed, misery tinged pouty .. Ohh I am single bull shit .

You have legs. Shut the Fuck up and Celebrate. 

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Sticky Days

Sticky Days

The thing about being over 25 – Hello.

The thing about being over 25 – Hello.