Sticky Days

Sticky Days

It was hot and sticky

She licked her salty upper lip

Small hairs yielding and grazing her tongue

It was moist and gooey

He undid his fly

The loud grating sound of the zip

Echoed in the humid mess.

The nylon stuck to her nipples

The material becoming taut and unnatural

Plastic and unreal

She bent forward and lifted her dress

He leaned forward and blew into her thighs

His unzipped pants outlined his sweaty balls

She giggled at him

He turned away

Out across the road the heat rose

And made the beautiful roads look misty

Unreal and dream like

" Like Dubai no? "

" No ", he peeled off his soaked banyan

" They have AC and no power cuts."

" Unlike this shit hole."

6 months on the boat dint seem too bad right about now

He looked away from the road and she was unbuttoning her dress

'Jesus , I thought I'd faint at church men'

She undid another button

Her nipples retreated into her body and made occasional appearances.

The sweat , the 'foreign' deodorant from cousin Dominic,

The not so fresh panties from the only mall, 

The stupid church dress,

The blistering fucking heat.

She was pissed and he was mad

I am going back on the ship

And leave me here ?

I can't handle being here

The stillness of the dry fields angered him

The passing tourist bikes toyed with his patience

Her sweaty body and the smell that was lifting through the air

Her sex , her breath , her breasts , her fingers

I'll go check the curry

The heat is driving you mad

Sit here quietly and don't talk crap

Ship whip , I am not going to stay back here

Come with me!

Really? Come with you ?

And your parents ?

Who will take care of them ?

They can manage..

The electricity hummed back to life. 

"Really? I can come with you?!"

"Finally some sense you have."

The distance , the clarity, the patriotism 

returned promptly and swiftly as the fan turned back on. 

The phone's screen lit up, charging. 

" Yeah , lets talk about it later."

The video started to load. 

The silence returned.

The distance grew.

The plans forgotten. 

Photo by Max Winkler on Unsplash

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